What is Context?

Context is a friendly convention focused on speculative fiction literature and related games, comics and films.

If you enjoy manga, anime, science fiction, fantasy, or horror, you'll find plenty to entertain you at this convention.

Who Will Be There?

Our 2014 GoHs include Jonathan Maberry; there will be many other guests.

When/Where Is It?

Context will be held September 26-28, 2014 in Worthington, Ohio, at the Holiday Inn.

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Welcome to the Context 27 Webpage!

updated July 6, 2014

We have been so busy getting everything together that the webpage hasn't caught up, and we're revamping it to make it more mobile-friendly. Please stay in touch on our Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

We'd like to thank past guests and participants for making our conventions a fun time for all!

If you have any questions about our programming, please email our program staff at program@contextsf.org.

Guests, Hosts, and Programming Participants

updated Jan. 26, 2014

Author Guest of Honor: Jonathan Maberry

Editor Guest of Honor: Betsy Mitchell

Special Game Writing Guests: Lucien Soulban, Jennifer Brozek, Monica Valentinelli

Hospitality and Event Sponsors:

Participating Publishers and Literary Organizations:
Alliteration Ink, Apex Books, Blackwyrm Publishing, more TBA

Participating Authors, Artists and Editors:
Brady Allen, Jarod K. Anderson, Leslie Anderson, Matt Betts, Diana Botsford, Gary A. Braunbeck, Maurice Broaddus, Lawrence Connolly, Nicole Cushing, David L. Day, Geoffrey Girard, Sarah Hans, Janet Harriett, Michael Knost, Rosemary Laurey, Laura Resnick, Linda Robertson, Daniel Robichaud, Steven Saus, Sharon Short, Jason Sizemore, Lucy A. Snyder, Ferrett Steinmetz, Michael West, Tim Waggoner, more TBA

Participating Panelists:
Marian Allen, James O. Barnes, Anton Cancre, Doug Hagler, T. Lee Harris, Addie J. King, Roland Mann, Cynthia K. Marshall, Matt Muth, Trista Robichaud, Stephen Zimmer, more TBA

Context Kudos


Here's what our guests and attendess have had to say about Context:

"It was my first time as a Guest of Honor, and you really made me feel at home and welcome. The panels were great, and the people, both other panelists and the guests, were wonderful. I got to meet some long-term online friends in person, and made lots of new ones."
Alex Bledsoe on Context 25

"If you get a chance to attend (Context) do so! It was a blast."
Raven Bower on Context 20

"I'll always have a soft spot for Context because it was there, in 2006, that I met Paula Guran and sold Blood Magic in the hallway in a frantic 5-minute pitch session. Even better, I met a boatload of extremely nice people, writers and fans, all of whom walked right up to me as if I were someone worth talking to."
Matt Cook on Context 21

"I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the discussions. Still more impressive was the con suite: egg sandwiches, sushi, donated pizza from a local joint, buffet food such as meatballs and chicken tenders, etc. Everyone was accessible at virtually all times. I definitely recommend it."
Nick Mamatas on Context 21