26-28 Sept 2014
Columbus, Ohio

About FANACO, Inc.

updated 6 July, 2014

Context is an annual production of FANACO, Inc., a not-for-profit Ohio corporation dedicated to promoting speculative fiction. FANACO, Inc. has 501(c)3 status with the IRS.

Context Anti-Harassment Policy

The convention committee and FANACO want Context to be a safe, enjoyable event for everyone. By participating in Context, whether as attendee, guest, or volunteer, you agree to help promote a positive convention environment by respecting other people's physical and social boundaries. Any action or behavior that significantly interferes with convention operations, causes excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Context's relationship with its guests, its venue, or the public is strictly forbidden, and may result in revocation and/or permanent suspension of membership. Participants asked to stop unacceptable behaviors are expected to comply immediately. Illegal or criminal activity will be reported to the police.

Respecting social boundaries

The goal of Context is to create an environment where people can meet and make connections with new people, whether they be publishing opportunities or friendships forged over a shared love of speculative fiction. However, such connections are not obligatory, and cannot be forced.

Verbal abuse or harassment is not acceptable. This includes — but is not limited to — slurs or negative commentary regarding a person or group based on actual or perceived race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical appearance, age, religion, mental or physical ability, family or marital status, and/or socioeconomic class. An attempt at humor is no excuse: you may think jokes based on stereotypes are funny; we don't. Sustained disruption of presentations or other events is abusive, and will be treated accordingly.

Discussions of adult topics may arise at Context, and panels may include adult content. We ask that people be mindful while conversing in public areas; topics that are appropriate in private or with close friends may be inappropriate with strangers. Imposing unwanted discussion of a sexual nature on another person is harassment, and will not be tolerated.

Respecting physical boundaries

Do not physically harm or endanger other people. Exercise common sense here. Please do not bring firearms to Context even if you have a valid permit. Other weapons such as swords should be left at home or in your room. Don't swing or point weapons--even fake ones--at anyone.

Do not touch people or their personal belongings without a clearly expressed invitation. This includes a person's clothing, hair, tattoos, canes, bags, and on-duty service animals. If you want to offer physical contact to someone -- for instance, to give him or her a hug -- get that person's permission first. If a person declines your offer of physical contact, do not persist, and do not react in an aggrieved or hostile manner.

Unwanted physical contact, following someone around a public area without their consent, or threatening to physically attack someone are all forms of harassment. If you approach someone and he or she tells you "no" or tells you to leave him/her alone, you must do so and have no further contact with him or her, not even through a third party. If you don't honor the person's request, he or she may have a legitimate legal complaint of harassment.

Please be mindful of personal hygiene. Many people at Context are sensitive to the chemicals in perfumes and colognes, so go easy on the Axe body spray. Further, scented products are not a suitable replacement for bathing and wearing fresh clothing. Remember, your goal at a convention is to make positive connections, not drive people away from you.

Everyone attending Context is expected to comply with hotel policies. You are personally responsible for any damage you cause the hotel, and any charges you accrue.

Reporting Harassment

If you feel you have been harassed, or if you observe harassment, please report the matter to convention staff as soon as possible, especially Registration staff or the Convention Chair. We can't act when we don't know a violation has taken place. If you feel that you have been the victim of a crime, please notify the local police immediately and, if necessary, seek medical attention. Contact hotel staff if you need help seeking medical attention.

Dial 9-911 from any hotel phone for emergencies within the hotel. Convention staff will be happy to help participants contact hotel security or local law enforcement, if need be.

If you wish to report an instance of harassment that occurred in the past, please email the details of the incident to chair@contextsf.org.

If you have been accused of harassment and feel that a committee member's response was unjustified, you may appeal to the convention chairs, but that decision will be final.

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Photos and Video

Attendance and participation at Context constitutes permission to be included in official photographs, video, or voice recordings to be used by the convention for promotional purposes, without recompense. We will do our best to honor a request from someone that their own likeness or voice be removed from Context's own media channels. Anyone photographing or recording others at Context should ask permission first. If a person indicates they don't wish to be photographed or recorded, we expect that wish to be honored, but Context can't be responsible for photos, video or audio recordings made by convention goers.

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Pets and Helper Animals

Context has a no pet policy. Helper animals under constant leash and control while in convention function space are fine. If you have any questions, please contact us at fanaco@contextsf.org

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Jan Province (Chair), Abby Janota (Secretary), Craig Jackson (Treasurer), Bill Janota (Assistant Treasurer), Bob Hillis, Cathy Callaghan

How to contact us:

Context 27
PO Box 163391
Columbus, OH 43216

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CONTEXT Staff & Con Committee

Context 27 Chair: Amanda Hoffelt-Ryan
Context 27 Vice Chair: Cat Barth

Charity Fundraising: Shayera Janota
Poetry: Cathy Callaghan
Programming Manager: TBA
Writing Workshop Coordinator: TBA

Donations: Shayera Janota
Public Relations: Dennis Palmer, Jerry Robinette
Social Media and Outreach: TBA
Website: TBA

Con OPs: Dennis Palmer, Brian Jackman
Con Suite: Sharon Palmer
Dealers' Room: Heather Motto
Guest Liaison: Jan Province
Hotel Liaison: TBA
Printing: Dennis Palmer
Registration: TBA

Editors: Dick Embs, Sharon Palmer
Ads: Sharon Palmer

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What is Context?

Context is a friendly convention focused on speculative fiction literature and related games, comics and films.

If you enjoy science fiction, fantasy, or horror, you'll find plenty to entertain you at this convention.

Who Will Be There?

Our 2014 GoHs include Jonathan Maberry and Betsy Mitchell; there will be many other guests.

When/ Where Is It?

Context will be held September 26-28, 2014 in Worthington, Ohio, at the Holiday Inn.

Books From Past and Present Context Authors

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