What is Context?

Context is a friendly convention focused on speculative fiction literature and related games, comics and films.

If you enjoy manga, anime, science fiction, fantasy, or horror, you'll find plenty to entertain you at this convention.

Who Will Be There?

Our 2014 GoHs include Jonathan Maberry; there will be many other guests.

When/Where Is It?

Context will be held September 26-28, 2014 in Worthington, Ohio, at the Holiday Inn.

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Context Staff & Con Committee

updated November 17, 2013

Context 27 Chair: Amanda Hoffelt-Ryan
Context 27 Vice Chair: Cat Barth

Programming Manager: Steven Saus
Registration: Sharon Palmer
Guest Liason: Abby Janota
Writing Workshop Coordinator: Lucy Snyder
Poetry: Cathy Callaghan
Charity Fundraising: Sam Mullins-Ford, Chris Henney, Bobbie Rendrick

Division Manager: Dennis Palmer
Website: Lucy Snyder
Social Media and Outreach: Sarah Hans
PR: Nick Winks, Dennis Palmer, Lucy Snyder
Donations: Sam Mullins-Ford
General Publicity: Nick Winks, Dennis Palmer

Hotel Liaison: Abby Janota
Con Ops: Dennis Palmer, Bill Janota
Consuite: Jan Province, Roy Samolis
Dealers' Room: Cat Barth
Registrar: Dennis Palmer, Sharon Palmer
Treasurer: Craig Jackson
Assistant: Bill Janota

Program Book
Editor: Dick Embs, Sharon Palmer
Ads: Dick Embs
Printing: Dennis Palmer